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A letter from the founder of BCO - Sandro Botic

"Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance.."

If you are looking for an excuse to make it easier on yourself just remember: I'm a super introverted person, born in the middle of the Balkan civil war, my parents lost everything and we became refugees in Germany, till the age of 12 my family and I moved 19 times (changed quite a few schools) English is my third language (learnt it in Australia), started and failed multiple businesses, built a $2.5 million company back in 2015 (from scratch) and lost it all, failed some more and still managed to pick myself up and make it and so can you!


I worked hard - it wasn't easy and that's the truth - nothing comes easy in life but sometimes, all you need is a bit of guidance from time to time and not a lengthy course, because we all have our own paths and something that works for me, won't work for you and you know deep inside that I’m right but if each week I send you guides, advice, tips and tricks that are working for me in the present you’d be able to pick and choose what resonates with you and apply it to your own business instantly and if you want to be even closer to me and my team at BCO then let’s become partners.


The BCO Network was built to give back to the business community and as a member, you’ll be contributing to the growth of other like-minded entrepreneurs too. As you already know I give away thousands of dollars weekly to keep this community alive. To support my cause you can join the BCO Network or buy our BCO Rubik’s Cube - 100% of funds are always invested back into the BCO Community. See you soon!

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Join the BCO Network as a...

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Receive weekly guides on business growth and tools/tips to help your business work better.

Your $9 goes towards the BCO Foundation Fund and helps entrepreneurs all around the world (we donate $50K+ worth of digital services each month).

A higher chance of winning a $500 worth website through our weekly giveaway (we give away a minimum of 40 website builds each month within the BCO Network)

Get 5% off all BCO Products (including Premium products)

Automatically become part of the BCO Club and earn points for every dollar you spend within the BCO Network.

Promote Basic BCO Services via your personalised promo code and earn a commission (earn extra money to support your business).


We take care of all our members. If you don’t win a website through our Weekly Giveaway program in the first 24 months we’ll gift you a $500 worth of website (at no extra cost to you) for being a loyal Member. At this point, you would have invested $216 through the BCO Network.

We are at 8K+ subscribers - once we reach 20K we’ll allow the first 20K subscribers to network with each other. This will be our first milestone in terms of building up the BCO Network.

Cancel anytime. This is a month-to-month subscription. If you'd like to save and get 1 free month subscribe to our                   

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Everything in the Members Plan +

Promote Premium BCO Services (high ticket digital services) and earn high commissions 

Receive a $500 worth giveaway each month to give away to your followers (an easier way to promote your business and BCO Products)

Receive $20 every time you refer a new qualified BCO Partner

A chance to become a BCO Ambassador and unlock a $5000 giveaway fund you can share with your own network and help aspiring businesses 

Dedicated BCO Support Partner

A chance for your business to be showcased to our BCO Network of 8500+ subscribers (each month we select and showcase 5 businesses)


Open a BCO Agency in your city (use our branding and services) - contact us to learn more about this exclusive opportunity. You must be a yearly subscriber and/or have been a BCO Partner for a minimum of 12 months.

Cancel anytime. This is a month-to-month subscription. If you'd like to save and get 2 free months subscribe to our                  

Your business is like a Rubic's cube

Running a business is like solving a Rubik's Cube. Just like each twist and turn of the cube affects the overall pattern, every decision and action within a business impacts its success.


Both require strategic thinking. Just as solving a Rubik's Cube involves analyzing patterns and planning your moves ahead, managing a business involves forecasting market trends and making strategic decisions to achieve goals. That's why the BCO Network sends out weekly guides and tips to make your business journey easier, helping you navigate the complexities with clarity and insight.

Support the
BCO Community

By purchasing our Rubik's Cube, you're not just acquiring a puzzle; you're investing in a symbol of strategic thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, your purchase contributes to our BCO Foundation Fund, which actively supports entrepreneurs worldwide. This fund provides invaluable resources and opportunities to aspiring business owners, helping them navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and fostering their journey towards success.

100% of the funds will be donated to the BCO Foundation Fund.

The BCO Network is designed and managed by BCO Agency and has been trusted by clients worldwide since 2012.

See what our clients have to say:


"BCO Agency is unbelievably dedicated and professional. The agency is out of this world. When they replied to my initial call for help, I was skeptical because everyone says, 'Pick me, I will help you,' but rarely do they deliver. However, BCO Agency has gone absolutely above and beyond what I expected and then some. Their service, dedication, and commitment are brilliant. I will now choose them each and every time for all my technical and creative work. Thank you, BCO Agency, for restoring my hope and faith in the confusing world of technology!"

Mr Bota 5 Star Review Helen Poulos


"BCO Agency is more than a web design agency, it is an extraordinary team of artists, visionaries, and consummate professionals. They exceeded all my expectations from start to finish. They work around the clock and no question or request is too much. They want their customers to be happy. If you want to stand out in today's market and make your business shine, BCO Agency is your best choice. Down to the finest details, their work is both stunning and functional. BCO Agency took it to a whole new level and now I feel as though the sky is the limit! I fully recommend BCO Agency, without hesitation. They are simply the best."

Mr Bota 5 Star Review Bryon Harris


"I worked with BCO Agency to implement changes and new features to our website. BCO Agency was quick to respond even though we were working across different time zones. They were easy to work with, very solutions-focused, and went above and beyond in solving problems we encountered to ensure we delivered the refreshed site on time and on budget. I would highly recommend BCO Agency."

Mr Bota 5 Star Review Caroline Herrick

+ hundreds more

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