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Learn to Build Websites and Grow Your Business with B Academy

Introducing B Academy, the online mentoring program that empowers you to build your own successful web design business from scratch. Led by Sandro Bota Botic, also known as Mr Bota, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know to succeed in the web design industry.

Mr Bota, the founder of B Academy, has a proven track record of success in the digital agency world. He has helped build hundreds of brands since 2012, and most importantly, he built a 6-figure digital agency, BCO Agency, from the ground up. Now, he is sharing his expertise with aspiring web designers who want to build their own successful businesses and live a life of freedom and flexibility.

B Academy is designed for beginners who have no coding skills and want to learn how to build websites from scratch. The program is broken down into ten levels, each building upon the previous one to provide a comprehensive learning experience. The curriculum covers everything from the basics of website design to advanced features and marketing strategies. Students will learn how to update pre-built websites, build websites from scratch, create multi-page websites, and add advanced features such as e-commerce functionality and integrations with social media and email marketing tools.

But that's not all. B Academy also teaches students how to build their brand, start a global business, find prospects and clients, make money, and scale their business by partnering with others. The program is designed to provide a holistic learning experience that prepares students to succeed in the web design industry.

So, whether you're a freelancer, agency owner, or digital nomad, B Academy can help you achieve your goals and build a successful web design business that generates up to $20,000 per month from the comfort of anywhere. With Sandro Bota Botic as your mentor, you'll have the support and guidance you need to turn your web design dreams into a reality.

Course Outline:

Level 1 - Blueprint:

This level serves as an introduction to all the other levels and sets the foundation for building a successful web design business. Students will be introduced to the process of building websites, covering the essential steps required for a website to succeed.

In addition, Level 1 will provide mentees with an overview of the B Academy program and what is required from them to succeed. This level will provide an opportunity for mentees to get to know their mentor, Sandro Bota Botic, and set expectations for the rest of the program.

By the end of Level 1, students will have a clear understanding of the web design process and what is required to succeed in this industry. They will also have a roadmap for the rest of the program and be prepared to dive into the more detailed and specialized topics covered in Levels 2 through 10.

Level 2 - Updating pre-built websites:

This level would teach students how to work with pre-built websites, such as those created with website builders. Students would learn how to make updates to the content, layout, and design of a pre-built website without needing to know any coding.