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214m² office space

We are proudly based in Sydney and Split nonetheless we work with businesses worldwide.


New Studio

We just bought a 195m2 office space on the beautiful shores of Kastela (Split) Croatia and officially have a creative studio worth talking about.

Why Croatia?

We had to grow the business but at the same time stay competitive with pricing. Expanding our Sydney location wasn't the best option because the overheads were too high so we decided to try out Croatia. The idea was to hire local talent and save clients in development costs. Success! In the first 3 months, we've 5x'd our agency.

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a sneak peek of our new creative setup...

Come and visit us! The full studio development will be completed by end of 2022. We are also building an in-house client apartment so our clients can fly in and work with us in person on projects whenever it's necessary.

p.s. we are just 2min away from the International Airport. 


We are always looking for talented and ambitious colleagues to make the BCO vision a reality. Want to be part of the team? Send us your resume and see you soon.

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