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Premium Website Development

Premium Website Development

Tailored for larger businesses requiring an extensive online platform with advanced functionalities and tailored solutions.


Market Value: ~$7900

BCO Price: $4800

Pay Only  $480  Upfront

    • 15 Professionally Designed Web Pages: Highly customized pages catering to intricate business needs and providing diverse content presentation.

    • 5 Rounds of Revisions During Development: Multiple revision rounds for intricate adjustments and meticulous design refinements.

    • Advanced SEO Setup with Analytics Integration: Implementation of advanced SEO strategies, analytics setup, and ongoing performance tracking.

    • E-commerce Integration for Online Selling: Comprehensive setup for an e-commerce platform with secure payment gateways and inventory management.

    • Custom Interactive Elements & Animations: Implementation of custom-designed animations or interactive features for an engaging user experience.

    • Advanced Security Measures: Robust security setup, including regular security audits, backups, and advanced firewall protection.

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