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Premium Brand Launch Strategy

Premium Brand Launch Strategy

Tailored for businesses requiring an advanced and results-driven brand launch strategy.


Market Value: ~$12000

BCO Price: $8400

Pay Only  $840  Upfront

  • (Similar to Standard Brand Launch Strategy with enhancements listed below)


    • Brand Launch Workshop: Interactive workshop sessions for fine-tuning the brand launch strategy.

    • Strategic Content Development: Creation of compelling content aligned with the brand launch.

    • Comprehensive PR Strategy: In-depth public relations strategies for maximum media coverage.

    • Influencer Collaboration Plan: Development of a comprehensive plan for influencer collaborations.

    • Social Media Campaign Strategy: Strategic planning for social media campaigns during the launch.

    • Post-Launch Monitoring: Outline of post-launch monitoring strategies and feedback handling.

    • Dedicated Launch Consultant: Access to a dedicated consultant for strategic guidance.

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