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Standard Website Development

Standard Website Development

Ideal for businesses seeking a more comprehensive online presence with added functionalities and customization options.


Market Value: ~$3400

BCO Price: $1800

Pay Only  $180  Upfront

    • 10 Professionally Designed Web Pages: Custom-designed pages tailored to specific client needs for showcasing products/services or detailed company information.

    • 3 Rounds of Revisions During Development: Extra revision rounds for fine-tuning and ensuring the website meets client expectations.

    • Enhanced SEO Setup with Keyword Optimization: In-depth keyword research, content optimization, and comprehensive on-page SEO strategies.

    • Contact Form Integration: Custom contact form with additional fields for specific inquiries or customer feedback.

    • Content Management System (CMS): Implementation of a user-friendly CMS for easy content updates and site management.

    • Additional Plugins/Widgets: Integration of plugins/widgets for extended functionalities like live chat, forms, or event calendars.

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